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Develop Network is one of the leading development company in the world. In the past, traditional software companies produced programs that it placed on discs and sold to consumers who then installed the programs on their own machines. Software companies today operate on many different business models and provide a wide array of products and services. Develop Network will take care of your website design, Structure and make sure it search friendly optimized. All of this can be converted to mobile app that supports IOS and Android.

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Prime Press

Prime Press is the first international educational publisher based in Egypt. It was established in 2016 as a part of Middle East Group that has been founded 15 years earlier. Prime Press has published a number of series in several subjects: English, science, social studies, French, and Arabic. We provide training and consultancy services on all our books to ensure that our books are serving their purposes in the best possible way. We are currently working with a number of schools nationally and exporting books to schools overseas, and we are still expanding.

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Ramatan School Management Application

EasySchools Management System is a school management technology automating the operations of the school. It was very difficult for every school to manage things in a register data, so here is an alternative to this problem making it completely error-free. School Management System caterers every single task and activities going in the school and keeps every user updated.

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Kahky Skin Care

skin care clinic

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Kahky skin care

Kahky skin care (soical media)

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